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A. B. Enterprises
202, Shradanand Building, 272/274,Samuel Street, Mumbai - 400 003, India
Manufacturer and Exporter

Company Overview:

Manufacturer and Exporter of Textile Chemicals, Softners, Dyefixes, Scouring Chemicals, Stain Removers, Wetting Agents, Optical Whiteners, Defoamers, Durt Remover Chemicals, Industrial Textile Chemicals and Textile Softners.

Company Profile:
A.B. Enterprises are engaged in manufacturing chemical products in better condition to give customers the highest possible level of service.

The products are manufactured with a masterly touch and an unmatched elegance, which makes them a popular choice in international market.

They are offering quality products like furniture adhesive, synthetic adhesive, industrial chemicals and pro-active services.

They are one of India's leading manufacturers & suppliers of quality laboratory & industrial chemicals and strive to serve clients by assuring that they are satisfied with products.

The products have gained wide acceptance world wide. They have archived excellent track record in meeting customers' need in domestic & international market and have been meticulously analysed to ensure that they confirm to the international standards.

The company is a distinguished merchant of chemicals with a wide array of products from Indian that includes industrial chemicals and many more.

The manufacturing unit is fully-equipped with modern machineries & a team of qualified professionals, who lays a healthy foundation of their infrastructure.

They also provide an excellent warehouse facility that allows them to procure products in bulk as well in variety. They carry a modern state-of-the-art laboratory which is well equipped with latest equipment.

The company has strategically tied up with logistic companies to facilitate proper timely delivery of their products.

Contact Details:
A. B. Enterprises
202, Shradanand Building, 272/274,Samuel Street, Mumbai - 400 003, India
Call: • 66312586

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