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Cuddles India
D-13, Maharani Bagh, New Delhi - 110 065, India
Engaged in Manufacturing, Wholesale Supplier and Manufacturer

Company Overview:

Engaged in Manufacturing of Baby Bed Linen, Baby Bedding Set, Baby Cot Sheet, Baby Pillows, Quilts, Head Bumper, Baby Bag, Nappy Bag Made of Easy Care Poly, Cotton Nappy, Sleeping Bags, Knitted Blanket, Chenille Blanket, Soft Fabrics and Accessories.

Engaged in Manufacturing of Baby Bib, Baby Bedding Set, Baby Crib Bedding Set, Baby Bed Linen, Baby Cot Sheets, Baby Pillows, Baby Quilts, Baby Head Bumper, Baby Bag, Nappy, Baby Wear Girl, Baby Bath and Other Baby Nursery Bedding Accessories.

Wholesale Supplier and Manufacturer of Woolen Blanket, Soft Blanket, Knitted Blanket, Baby Blanket, Warm Blanket and Kids Blanket. Also Offers Kids Bed Linen, Kids Cot Sheets, Children Bedding Set, Nappy Bag, Child Pillows, Kids Quilts, Baby Crib Bedding.

Company Profile:
Cuddles India is known for their highly creative designs and patterns that are appreciated by parent�s world over. Their clientele is spread over the globe and they are known to come with repeated orders owing to consistent good performance.

Their vast experience has made them become an expertise in this field and this is well reflected in products as each and every item is an epitome of quality and utility.

Cuddles India has been engaged in bringing smiles to millions of babies across the globe by way of manufacturing and exporting of high quality Crib Bedding, Children Wear, Baby Bath, Baby Towel and Accessories, Toys, Sleeping Bags, Knitted Blanket, Chenille Blanket and accessories.

For more than 27 years now, they have successfully created a niche for themselves in the industry by way of delivering quality products. They have an innate capacity to cater to the specific needs of clients and to understand any specific or general requirement of clients.

They are known to manufacture and export a wide range of products that are meant exclusively for the infants and kids.

These are aptly made to pamper the baby to the fullest and usher the maximum comfort to the new born.

The key to success has been the team of creative people who put in their best endeavors to create unique patterns and designs so that clients get maximum satisfaction. Their production team consists of designers, freelance designers who work in close cooperation to come out with some of the most outstanding creative items.

The company lays a lot of emphasis on quality as they understand that babies are tender and any small thing might harm them.

They do not use any harmful dyes or chemicals in garments, all are natural vegetable colors. The fabrics used are of superior quality and has no harmful effects on the skin of the babies.

They have a sound infrastructure and state of the art machinery and the entire production procedure takes place under one roof.

The infrastructure has all the basic and augmented machineries that are required to deliver superior quality products. All the facilities are well provided to creative team so that there is no constraint of resources once they start working on their creative ideas in order to give shape to new products for the newborns.

Contact Details:
Cuddles India
D-13, Maharani Bagh, New Delhi - 110 065, India
Call: • 26838453

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