TURKEY: Textile Manufacturers Concerned Over Quotas And Chinese Goods

Turkish textile and apparel sectors' representatives have different views on the issue of China, which is claimed will affect Turkey's competitive power following the lifting of quotas in 2005.

Turkish Clothing Manufacturers' Association (TGSD) Chairman Umut Oran told the Anatolia news agency that they would ask the World Trade Organization to take measures against China's dumped and subsidized goods.

Oran said that the Turkish clothing sector was ready for 2005, emphasizing that their efficiency, high quality and familiarity with free competition were their biggest advantage.

"There's a great threat against us in 2005 but we should not be pessimistic," he added. He suggested that the China threat should be turned into an opportunity in case input costs are reduced to global levels and international competition is performed within "fair play" rules.

Istanbul Textile Apparel Exporters' Union (ITKIB) Deputy Chairman Izzet Ille, however, said that Turkish textiles would be in a grave position unless the EU takes measures against China. Ille, however, added that the EU Parliament did not plan to take any measures against China from now on.

"The U.S. is carrying out preventive works such as delaying the lifting of quotas or protecting its domestic industry. If the U.S. operates these mechanisms while the EU does not put the same obstacles, we will be in a grave position. All Chinese goods will enter this market," Ille added.

Ille stressed that Turkish goods cannot compete with Chinese goods since the latter is not of bad quality and the input costs are low in China.

Source: Turkish Daily News

November 22, 2003

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Added: November 22, 2003
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