INDIA: Portico launches new range of fine bath towels

MUMBAI: PORTICO - One of the leading and premium Home Décor & furnishings brand announced the launch of its new range of fine bath towels. The new collection reflects Portico brand’s tag line ‘There is no place like home”.

The collection is based on nature’s symmetrical patterns. The designs are specialized in three categories Scintillating Stripes which is the ‘Linear Linen Collection’, Chic Checks is the ‘Squares and Stars Collection’ and Verdant Verve is the ‘Scenic Swirls Collection’. The towels are available in eye-catching shades like aqua, turquoise, indigo, lilac, lime green, red, hot pink, orange and many more. The colors are well selected to suit the likes of the Indian customer and coordinates with their bath spaces. The prices range from Rs 299 to Rs 499 for large towels.

Commenting on the new collection Rajiv Merchant, CEO Portico said, “The USP of the new bath towel range is the unique designs & feel of the high class material used. Also the collection is in line with Portico brand’s consistent efforts at serving the needs of and catering to the aspirations and desires of today’s housewives who are looking for furnishings with new, exciting & fresh look for their family creating a fashion statement. By this we aim to be a brand that makes home more beautiful and ensures that “There’s no place like home.”

Collection Descriptions:

Verdent VerveVerdant Verve: Nurture your true nature
This is the Scenic Swirls Collection. Floral and leafy patterns that let the budding romantic in you blossom. Drift into a world of swirling water falls and cascading lakes. Travel in the white waters of secret fantasies and returned rejuvenated.

Chic Checks: Get square in life
It reflects the squares n stares collection. Classic checks that checkmate your worries. Move into the realm of unexplored desires with squares, bright and bold. Unblock every pore. Savour the pulsating relief with these designer blocks

Scintillating Stripes: Nothing geometrical about this
This offers the linear linen collection. Lines that make a sizzling, style statement. Splendid stripes that strip off your tensions and let your brazen self surface. Pep up with naughty for a naughty striptease with stripes. 

The Jacquard towels are available in 4 to 5 designs with 3 to 4 colors options in each design. The designs are contemporary with a mix of ethnic and modern motives. The jacquard towels are offered in one size - 75x150 cms and comprise of 540 to 591 grams per piece in weight. The towels are priced at Rs.449/- per piece.

The plain dyed and plain dyed with stripes range is also available in 4colour options. The towels are available in the following sizes – large 75x150cms, medium 60x120cms, and hand towel 40x60cms and face towel 30x30cms. The weight in grams per piece varies from 517 grams to 41 grams respectively. Also the MRP for the plain dyed with stripes towel range is Rs.329/- for the large, 219/- for the medium, Rs.159/- for the hand towel and Rs.129/- for the face towel. The plain dyed range is priced at Rs.299/- for the large, Rs.199/- for the medium, Rs.149/- for the hand towel and Rs.119/- for the face towel. The plain dyed premium range is of zero twist and has 4 colour options. The size available is 75x150 cms and comprises of 563 grams per piece. The MRP for this range is Rs.499/- per towel.

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Added: June 15, 2005 Source: News Service.
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