ISRAEL: Delta Galil introduces RealCool Cotton textile technology

TEL AVIV: The respected global apparel company and producer of innovative fashions for leading retailers and brands worldwide, Delta Galil has introduced enhancements to its groundbreaking RealCool Cotton textile technology to embrace an eco friendly marketplace, says Esti Maoz, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Delta Galil.

He further clarified that with the use of new technology, the RealCool Cotton garments and fabrics are now treated with natural antibacterial and odor-repelling agents that significantly reduce the carbon footprint of clothing throughout its lifecycle.

With the use of two separate cotton fabric treatments which counteract both the growth of bacteria and the embedding of odors in RealCool Cotton, clothing requires less laundering and removes the need to use hot water in the laundering process.

Clothing is typically laundered more frequently than necessary due to odors becoming lodged in the fabric, but with the new cotton textile treatments introduced in RealCool Cotton keeps clothing fresh through multiple wears, extends the life of the product and helps protect the environment.

Clothing is responsible for approximately 25 percent of an individual's C02 emissions � about one ton per person. By preventing the growth of bacteria, RealCool Cotton clothing requires less laundering and removes the need to use hot water in the process.

However, clothing is generally laundered in order to 'freshen' it, rather than to remove stains, and the enhancements introduced in RealCool Cotton fabric make this no longer necessary. Clothing made of RealCool Cotton may be washed less often, and at more moderate and lower temperatures (30 C or less), rather than at hot temperatures (40 C or more) today.

Delta Galil has extended the lifecycle of the garment and has significantly reduced its carbon footprint by dramatically reducing the laundering requirements of RealCool Cotton garments.

RealCool Cotton was introduced with tremendous excitement in 2005 as "the next generation� of cotton textiles, by integrating the familiar comfort of natural, pure cotton fibers and the hydrophilic functionality that was previously associated only with synthetically-blended performance fabrics.

It changed the way the world viewed cotton apparel, by combining wicking properties with the breathable, soft-touch popularity of cotton. RealCool Cotton fabrics have proven to be as effective in wicking as their synthetic competitors, addressing the market need for true moisture management properties in the popular natural cotton touch.

Delta Galil manufactures private label women's intimate apparel, men's underwear, socks, shirts, baby wear, bras, leisurewear and nightwear, and knitted fabrics. Delta sells its products to leading retailers such as Marks and Spencer, Victoria's Secret, Kmart, JC Penney, Carrefour, Hema, Wal-mart, Target and Mervyn's.

Delta Galil operates primarily in the United States, Canada, Europe and Israel.

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Added: December 27, 2007 Source: Press Release.
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