INDIA: Contamination in rawcotton

The survey which has just been released by the International Textile manufacturers Federation (ITMF)which.
is carried out every other year, the 2007 edition being the tenth in the series which shows Foreign matter, stickiness and seed-coat fragments in raw cotton continue to be serious challenge to the cotton spinning industry worldwide. since the changeover to a new methodology in 1989. In the 2007 report, 114 spinning mills located in 23 countries evaluated 72 different cotton growths.

The extent of the contamination shows that 7% (2005: 7%) of all cotton evaluated were seriously contaminated by different types of foreign matter whereas 15% (2005: 15%) were only moderately contaminated.The  contamination is from 5% for “tar” (2005: 5%) to 40% of all cottons processed being contaminated by organic matter (2005: 40%).

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Added: February 15, 2008 Source: Agencies
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