USA: 14th Annual Korean Preview Textile Trade Show on February 2010

New York, NY  -- Korean textile manufacturers take trend setting to a new level with socially responsible fabrics that mix fashion with sustainability at the 14th Korean Preview Fabric Trade Show (KPNY) February 2-3 at the Metropolitan Pavilion (125W. 18th St. New York, NY 10011,

After many years as a Vice President of Finance, I’m considering becoming a distributor of Korean Fabrics. I see the transition as a fantastic opportunity to develop my own business in a flourishing and sustainable industry, which is something that I’ve always wanted. I am passionate about fabrics!
Eco-friendly textiles made of biodegradable, recycled substances and renewable resources, like bamboo and soybean, reflect Korean manufacturer’s care for the planet. Innovative fibers with anti-bacterial, stain-resistant and wind-proof benefits reveal a dedication to performance and comfort. And retailers, brands and designers get added peace of mind knowing Korean manufacturers maintain the same ethical care for their workers as they do for the environment.

With eco-friendly fibers staking just as high of a claim in the fashion industry as creative styles and patterns, entrepreneurs, students, dealmakers and visitors to the show will be amazed at the latest textures and designs coming from Korea for Spring/Summer 2011. Participants will also witness the Korean manufacturer’s willingness to strategically align with US partners through high-quality textiles competitively priced for this turbulent economy.

“We believe in partnerships. We educate not only US buyers, but the next generation of textile executives, sourcing teams, designers and innovators, so they can work efficiently with friends from South Korea, who are more than willing to help their US partners become successful and satisfy their customers,” Jang Sung Choi, Executive Director, KOTRA New York.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to continue our very successful partnership with US retailers that originated over 30 years ago, by helping retailers sell products not only because of their excellent design, but for the exceptional quality and performance of our socially responsible fabrics and ethical labor practices,” says Soon Yong Hong, President, KOTRA North America.

Korean fabric manufacturers are the real catalysts in the textile industry. “As a designer of high-end ladies’ couture I have depended on Korean fabrics since 1995 because the customers of my Tally Taylor and Odeliah brands demand quality. Dry cleaning after dry cleaning my customers say that Korean fabrics outperform everything they have tried. Yes, it is a bit more expensive, but Korean fabrics are worth keeping my customers happy,” said Bobby Soleimani, President and CEO of Tally Taylor Brands, New York Buyer of Korean fabrics.

“After many years as a Vice President of Finance, I’m considering becoming a distributor of Korean Fabrics. I see the transition as a fantastic opportunity to develop my own business in a flourishing and sustainable industry, which is something that I’ve always wanted. I am passionate about fabrics!” says Jay Pacora, New York.

Korean Preview NY Show Profile:

14th Korean Preview in New York, KPNY is an innovative industry event bringing together apparel textile suppliers and buyers from Korea to your own doorstep. Discover fresh looks from the newest sustainable material mixes to the classics. High-end fabrics at reasonable prices!


Everyone Welcome! Trade Industry, Garment Manufacturers, Retailers, Private Labels/Sourcing Executives, Converters, Wholesalers, Resellers, Independent Designers, Mill Agents, Textile Consultants, Buying Agents Trading Companies, Buying Office.


60+ Leading Manufacturers Introduce New Products: Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Embroidery, Spandex, Wool, Knit, Silk, Woven, Rayon, Lace, Linen, Suede, Tricot, Velboa, Acetate, Metal, Velvet, Satin, Jacquard, Tencel, Functional fabrics, Yarns & Fibres, etc. Korean mills lead the fashion industry in sustainable, eco-friendly textiles that remain affordable and functional. Their commitment to innovative fabrics made of renewable resources, high-tech fibers with anti-bacterial, stain-resistant, dioxin-free, stay-cool benefits, and ethical business practices delivers fashion and comfort without sacrificing social responsibility.

About Sponsor: Ministry of Knowledge Economy (Rep. of Korea), located in Daegu Metropolitan City is represented in the US by Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA). Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) is a non-profit governmental organization, established on June 21st, 1962, to pursue the national goals of maintaining the trade balance and building trade relations and friendship with US partners. KOTRA has contributed to the development of the Korean economy through various trade promotion activities, such as trade information service, market research service and business matchmaking service.

About MZI Global

MZI Global is a strategy consulting and implementation firm that focuses on market entry and globalization via its Ethnosynergism® market entry methodology. Since 1987, MZI Global has successfully completed over 1000 projects. A market entry strategy rainmaker, MZI Global ventures into new domestic and/or international markets. MZI Global’s clients represent some of the leading ECO-friendly and GREEN Asian suppliers across 16 industries, including textile fashion. With full support of the Korean exporting agency and its trade association, South Korean companies are becoming trusted partners for U.S. buyers.

Hundreds of new South Korean products can be sourced via the MZI Global network. Under the leadership of president and CEO Mira Zivkovich, recipient of the 2007 Ellis Island Medal of Honor, MZI Global puts its international, multicultural marketing expertise to use through strategy development and implementation. MZI Global’s Ethnosynergism® network of relationships includes local and foreign governments with 1000+ companies and across 10 + cultures and languages. It focuses on internal and social responsibility, as well as helping clients achieve market entry prowess on a global scale.

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