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UK: Artificial spider silk from genetically altered silkworms
[Oct 05, 2010] Researchers at University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind., genetically altered silkworms so they spin silk stronger than Kevlar, Malcolm Fraser, a University of Notre biologist, announced at a press conference that they have successfully developed silkworms that produce artificial spider silk.

INDIA: Uzbekistan delegates visit Central Silk Board
[Oct 05, 2010] A seven member delegation from Uzbekistan led by Minister for Light Industries I Khaydarov visited Central Silk Board (CSB) and had detailed discussions with CSB Chairman H Hanumanthappa and Member Secretary M Sathiyavathy to attract investment from India.

THAILAND: Thai Silk Fabric Website Fights for Village Lifestyles
[Sep 22, 2010] A family funded Thai silk initiative, in a remote Thai village, has as it's key mission, the improvement of the financially poor lifestyles of their village.

JAPAN: New Silk Road to promote development
[Aug 27, 2010] The conference calls for the upgrade of the transport within the region, to connect the east coast of South Korea with the western shore of Japan, in order to deepen industrial and technological cooperations in the rim, according to Park Seung-ho.

INDIA: Sericulture to get funds under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana
[Jul 31, 2010] Keeping in view the fact that National Commission for Agriculture and Reserve Bank of India have considered sericulture up to the stage of cocoon production as an agriculture activity, Department of Agriculture & Cooperation has decided to include sericulture up to the stage of cocoon production along with extension system for cocoon production and silk yarn production in agri-enterprises up to the stage of yarn production and marketing to be eligible for funding under RKVY.

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