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CHINA: Apparel Industry Research in China shows tremendous growth
[Nov 11, 2011] Despite unfavorable global economic conditions, Chinese apparel industry has witnessed tremendous growth over the last few years. The government’s efforts along with extended participation by the private domestic players have boosted the Chinese textile and apparel industry.

CHINA: Gucci outlet in China accused of cruel behaviour with employees
[Oct 16, 2011] Employees at a luxury goods manufacturer Gucci outlet in China were subjected to "torture" and "cruel behaviour" during working hours, it has emerged.

CHINA: High Tech Anti Allergy, Anti Mite Nanometer Far Infrared Fiber Bedding
[Sep 26, 2011] NANOFIR bedding has long been renowned for being the best seller due to its soft and washable. Furthermore, the product automatically adjusts to body temperature and keeps warmth within human body.

CHINA: Madame Zhou Xiaoguang: Hawker to Billionaire
[Jun 22, 2011] Zhou Xiaoguang says that in China women entrepreneurs are entitled to special assistance in starting companies

CHINA: Zara admits flaws; withdraws products
[May 12, 2011] In an apparel quality test result released by the BCA April 10, the watchdog found that some of Zara's trousers contained 10 percent less wool than stated on the label and also exceeded legal limits of formaldehyde and alkalinity, both of which can cause irritation to the skin.

CHINA: Multi-brand luxury fashion concept to launch in Beijing by year-end
[Nov 18, 2010] A sprawling 19,000 square-foot, four-story multibrand fashion emporium is set to open in Beijing on December 29.

CHINA: Gems and Jewellery Market in India 2010
[Oct 26, 2010] In India, jewellery is revered and valued as a treasure from ages, be it any festival or a marriage, the celebrations are incomplete without gold and silver ornaments.

CHINA: Beads Help You Make Cute & Fashion Jewelry
[Oct 23, 2010] As to the approaching holiday season, you may decide to use beads to make some very charming little jewelry. Well, that’s a really nice try, for you’ll love the shine of those beads when you move your body just ever so slightly.

CHINA: China catching up with Japan in textile technology
[Oct 20, 2010] The technological level of China's textile industry is catching up with that of Japan amid large annual budgetary assistance from the Chinese government.

CHINA: Unifi Introduces Repreve Recycled Fully Drawn Polyester
[Oct 19, 2010] Unifi Textiles (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (UTSC) continues to be a global leader in sustainability with the introduction of REPREVE® FDY, a 100% recycled fully drawn yarn. Launching at the 2010.

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